OUR SERVICES M³ is dedicated to finding fast and accurate Refractive Index Testing, dn/dT Testing, and Wavefront/Homogeneity Testing.

Refractive Index

M³ provides refractive index testing at wavelengths from 350nm to 14um. We offer two sample configurations. A minimum deviation prism configuration for high accuracy measurements (5th decimal place) or a round diameter wedge configuration for reduced manufacturing cost (4th decimal place accuracy). Curve fitting and dispersion algorithms can be reported upon request (e.g. Herzberger, Schott, Sellmeier etc).

dn / dT

M³ utilizes a modified minimum deviation process to provide refractive index testing and dn/dT at temperature ranges from -196.15°C (77°K) to +100 °C (373.15°K) and wavelengths from 350nm to 14um. Dewar vacuum is nominally held to 1e-4 Torr. This process incorporates good thermally conductive fixturing with well controlled ramp rates and soak times to ensure thermal stability of the sample for accurate measurements. We use a half prism configuration for this process to achieve a nominal 30 Deg refracted angle.


M³ provides homogeneity testing at 3.39um utilizing our M-WAVE 339 IR Interferometer. Sample sizes can vary from 5mm up to 100mm in diameter. Sample configuration will be a high quality polished window with a slight wedge added to separate the front and back surface fringes. M³ also provides MWIR system wave-front testing and diagnostics at 3.39um MWIR imaging systems, beam expanders and collimators.

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