M-Switch The perfect blend of innovative design and state of the art technology

  • M3 Measurment Solutions - M-Switch
  • M3 Measurment Solutions - M-Switch
  • M3 Measurment Solutions - M-Switch


The M-Switch series of adjustable, modular mounts are designed to redirect a horizontal interferometric set-up to a vertical one. This vertical orientation can help reduce distortion effects commonly found from clamping, and reduce alignment time. There are 4 primary versions of hardware designed to enable testing of mirrors, windows, lenses and lens assemblies. Holding of the part under test can be done with a variable 3 arm mount (for flexibility) or our kinematic mount (for high volume). Reference mirrors can be supplied with a variety of flatness and coating specifications to match your application needs.


  • This vertical alignment keeps gravity on your side
  • Enables fast alignment of optics to the interferometer
  • Eliminates the induced error from bending and stress points when holding the edge horizontally.
  • Reduces potential damage from edge stress and optics falling over when holding against gravity.

Range & Capabilities

  • Angle range ±2°
  • X-Y range >.2”
  • Variable aperture fixture allows adjustable diameters from 1mm to 102mm
  • Riser post can be installed to increase table height
  • XYZ table may be installed on top tilt plate for confocal testing of lenses and lens assemblies
  • CGH mount can also be integrated for null testing