M-WAVE 339 MWIRThe perfect blend of innovative design and state of the art technology

  • M3 Measurement Solutions M-WAVE 339
  • M3 Measurement Solutions M-WAVE 339
  • M3 Measurement Solutions M-WAVE 339
  • M3 Measurement Solutions M-WAVE 339

M-Wave 339 - MId Wave INFRARED interferometer

The M-Wave 339 Infrared Interferometer is a state of the art LUPI (Laser Unequal Path Interferometer) operating at 3.39 micrometers. It is the ideal instrument for testing mid-wave infrared imaging components/systems and optical material homogeneity.


Accuracy (Uncalibrated) 0.01λ RMS Wavefront Eror @3.39 μm
Accuracy (Calibrated) 0.004 λ RMS Wavefront Error @ 3.39μm
Repeatability 0.001λ RMS Wavefront Error @ 3.39μm
Base Instrument Aperture 25.4mm Diameter
Beam Expander Aperture 101.6mm Diameter
Camera Resolution 640 x 512 Pixels
Zoom Lens 1X to 6X
Acquisition Mode Phase Shifting
Laser Type  HeNe
Wavelength 3.39 μm
Output Power ≥ 2 mW
Beam Polarization Linear
  *Custom lasers available upon request.
Envelope Dimensions (LWH) 744mm x 407mm x 275mm
System Optical Axis Height 115mm
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Laser Safety CDRH Class IIIb Laser ProductIEC Class 3B
Weight 60 lbs (Mainframe)
Analysis Software ESDI Intelliwave LE-2 or Apre Reveal

* 1) Vibration free environment with temp. change
< 1°C/15 min. between 20-23°C, no thermals

2) 3 sigma of the rms for 128 data sets,
each an average of 32 measurements

3) These parameters state conditions which
the system can operate; they do not represent
the environmental stability required to
meet performance.

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